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Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal?

The pulp filled cavity in the root of a tooth is known as the root canal. Sometimes the tooth becomes infected or poorly decayed, a treatment named as Root Canal Treatment Islamabad is used to repair and save the tooth. The nerve and pulp are removed during a root canal procedure and after that inside of the tooth is cleaned. Once the tooth is sealed after cleaning, it is restored with a crown or filling for protection.

The need for a root canal therapy:

There are some signs to tell a person that he needs root canal therapy. These signs include:

  • A severe toothache is felt on applying some pressure or chewing something.
  • Prolonged sensitivity or pain is felt too cold and hot temperatures when the heat and cold are removed.
  • Discoloration is happening if the teeth become darkening.
  • Sometimes tenderness and swelling are felt in nearby gums.

Reasons that cause the need for a root canal:

The soft tissue inside the root canal is known as pulp. Sometimes it becomes inflamed or infected. If this situation happens, Endodontic treatment becomes necessary. There is a variety of causes behind this infection or inflammation. Some of them are the following:

  • Deep tooth decay
  • Repeated dental procedures on the tooth
  • A crack or chip in the tooth

Visits for a root canal:

Only two visits are required for a standard root canal treatment. During these two visits to your dentist or endodontic expert four main steps are completed. The two visits of standard root canal technique comprise of the following mentioned treatments.

  1. An opening in the crown of the tooth is created with the help of a dental instrument.
  2. An access to the canal of the tooth is provided

Root canal treatment in Islamabad, in one glance:

In Islamabad, root canal therapy is mostly completed in only one visit. The state of the art rotary endodontic is done with the help of digital radiography.

For root canal, there are best doctors in Islamabad, Pakistan. The dental surgeons in Islamabad are foreign qualified and highly experienced. The dental clinics in Islamabad are driven by the quality of dental services. In Islamabad, the dentists’ teams comprise of both male and female. They make every effort to provide the best dental treatment in a relaxing and comforting environment. The dentists of Islamabad perform many dental procedures with a focus on oral and overall health including crowns, implants, bridges and many more.

Beautiful Smile with Best Dentists in Islamabad:

Dental surgeons in Islamabad are committed to providing the highest standards of care which are totally patient-centered. The main goal of dentists in Islamabad is to help people to keep healthy smiles in order to look and feel best at every stage of life.

The modern dental facility in Islamabad will continue to allow the caring dentists and the team of highly skilled professionals to focus on quality dental care, sterilization, and patient comfort.

The dental surgeons in Islamabad under the banner of qualified and skilled specialists determine the best method of professional dental services which are suitable to the patient needs.

Procedure for Root Canal Therapy in Islamabad:

Some of the steps to be followed during a root canal therapy in Islamabad are mentioned here:

  • First of all, a dental x-ray is done in order to check the level of damage.
  • Then, a local anesthetic is given to the patient to control pain.
  • For the purpose of keeping the tooth clean, protected and free of saliva, a dental dam is put in the mouth of the patient.
  • After that, the dentists of Islamabad remove any kind of bacteria, decay or diseased pulp from the patient’s mouth.
  • Finally, the last stage of root canal comes i.e. to restore the tooth. For this purpose the dental doctors of Islamabad, Pakistan usually place a crown or filling in the tooth.

The End Result

To conclude all above discussion, it may be stated that the dental experts in Islamabad are experienced, highly qualified and foreign trained. They have many years of experience in doing root canal treatment in Islamabad. American Dental Association’s parameters for sterilization are strictly followed for root canal therapy in Islamabad, Pakistan. In order to get the best possible results, during root canal treatment, the imported material is used always.