Tummy Tuck treatment in Pakistan is the best choice for you if you are worried due to extra fat on your body. It may happen due to lots of pregnancies or instant weight loss. Moreover, simple aging process can also be its reason. In addition to it, if you have got Hernia removal, it may lead to sagging of your skin. Devoid of any cause, a tummy tuck surgery is a solution to this problem. This treatment can enhance the visibility of your abdomen and you will get a flat tummy as a result.

Are You A Candidate?

Both genders may get benefit from this advanced treatment in Pakistan. You are a good candidate for the treatment if;

  • Your abdomen is swollen due to separated muscles on that area or laxity of the skin.
  • Your skin on the abdomen area is loose.
  • The fat is not responsive to any kind of exercise and diet plan also doesn’t impact it.
  • Your tummy has stretch marks.

Tummy Tuck Goals

The basic goal is to enhance the appearance of your saggy tummy.

Some other goals include;

  • To get a flat tummy.
  • To get a smoother and tighter abdomen.
  • To get a properly defined waist.

Treatment Options

The treatment of tummy tuck is performed in order to remove the sagginess and excessive fat of the abdominal area. Well, some other options are also available to solve this issue, however, a tummy tuck is the most effective among all. However, have a look at these options for your ease.

  • Liposuction – is the treatment that may be utilized to remove the extra fat from your abdomen. This treatment works for you if you don’t have sagginess on the area but you want to remove the extra fats from the abdomen.
  • Laser skin tightening – is the treatment that is suitable for removing sagginess of the skin.


Appropriate preparation prior to the treatment is essential to get the best results. When you make a visit to the clinic before getting the treatment then the surgeon will let you know some instructions on the basis of your treatment. However, following are some of the common instructions.

  • Done with all of the prescribed tests.
  • Take all prescribed medicines on the regular basis.
  • Follow the healthy diet that is advised by your surgeon.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

Outpatient setting is used to perform the procedure. However, the duration of the treatment varies on the basis of individual’s requirement. Following are the steps of the procedure:

  • First of all, anesthesia is administered. (General anesthesia is used in this surgical process. General anesthesia refers to the state that is produced by providing some specific medicines to the patient so that he will not be in senses. In this way, it will be easy for the surgeons to perform the procedure).
  • After that, the incisions are made in the targeted area. The depth and length of the incisions depend on the type of treatment.
  • After making incisions, the obligatory alterations are made by the surgeon in order to boost the appearance of your tummy.
  • At the end, stitches are used to close the incisions.

Basically, removal of additional skin and fat is included in the procedure. Moreover, the muscles of the abdominal area are tightening.

Post-Operative Instructions

  • After getting a tummy tuck treatment in Pakistan, it is essential for you to lay down on the bed. You need to place pillows under your knees as well as behind your back. Bend your waist and keep it in the same position. Further, you should ask your doctor about the directions in which you can sleep.
  • Don’t drive for at least 1 day after your surgery.
  • You may get some blood out of the incisions, so keep your bed sheets safe from these blood stains.
  • Avoid taking shower until you make a visit to your doctor after the surgery.
  • You may get some swelling and bruising on the area where you got treatment. This isn’t something to worry about.

Moreover, your doctor will instruct you about the instructions that you need to follow in order to avoid any kind of discomfort.

Results And Recovery

You need to be patient while got this treatment. You will start to notice the improvement right after the treatment. However, it will take a few months to reveal exact results. The results will be on a permanent basis. Hence, you need to manage your diet properly as per instructed by your surgeon. In addition to it, an adaptation of proper exercise is necessary to maintain the outcomes.

Follow-Up Care

Proper follow-up is essential as this is a major treatment. Here, at vuepk, we are providing best follow-up care to our patients. Abdominal drains are removed within 1 to 2 days after the treatment or it also depends on your surgeon. Stitches are removed within a week or so.

When To Call Your Doctor?

If you are experiencing swelling or bruising then it is normal, however, you should consult your doctor in following cases.

  • If the swelling or bruising is increased.
  • If the redness on the incisions is increased.
  • If you feel the severe pain that is not managed with the help of medicines.
  • If you experience side-effects of the induced medicines.
  • If you feel the fever.
  • If you experience high bleeding from the incisions.


The cost of the treatment isn’t fixed as you need to visit the clinic for consultation. The cost depends on various aspects.

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