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Beard Hair Transplant

People differ in their preferences significantly. Most men like to shave their beard. However, men who don’t have beard hair at all like to grow them. In many situations, not having beard hair may make you look immature and people may not take you seriously.

Fortunately, hair transplant procedure has enabled us to grow hair on virtually any part of our body. A hair transplant can extract hair from one part of the body and plant them to the desired part of the body. If you want beard hair, you can have a beard hair transplant. Let us see how a transplant can grow beard hair for you.

To grow beard hair, you first need to extract hair from some other body part; this body part will serve as donor area. This body part can be your head, your chest, your legs, or any other part where you have sufficient quantity of hair. You also need to consider the quality of hair. If hair at the donor area is very thin, you may need to consider another area with reasonably thick hair. Hair at the back of the head is considered good for a beard hair transplant.

The Choice Regarding Extracting Donor Hair:

Donor hair can be extracted using two methods: strip removal method and follicular unit extraction (FUE). Strip removal method is a quick method to extract donor hair. However, it has two limitations. First, it can only be used to extract hair from the head, especially back of the head. Second, it will produce a linear scar at the donor site. However, this linear scar can be easily concealed by surrounding.

The second choice is FUE. FUE or follicular unit extraction extracts donor hair one by one. It does not require removal of a strip of scalp. That’s why, it can extract hair from any part of the body where you have some usable hair.

People often use FUE for beard hair transplant. It produces small pinhole scars at the donor area, and these scars are easily concealable.

Planting Hair on Your Beard:

When you have extracted enough hair for your beard transplant, it is the time to plant them at the required place. Your surgeon will create tiny holes at the beard area. Then he will carefully place extracted hair into these holes one by one. When all the hair will be placed at the desired place, your transplant will be completed.

It is very important to take care of your newly transplanted hair. Do not do anything that has a risk of displacing your newly planted hair. Your surgeon will give detailed instruction about care; ensure that you follow these guidelines.

Once these transplanted hair attach themselves to the blood supply of the new place, the will start to settle down. Once settled down, you will need less care about them. The good thing about transplant is that your newly grown hair does not require any extra care. Once grown, they are just like your natural hair.

Beard hair transplant is a customized procedure. If you want a customize advice, you will be happy to know that you can get one free. Fill free online consultation form and have a professional advice.