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Best Solution for Hair Loss

There are so many hair loss solutions out there that it is virtually impossible for and ordinary person to differentiate authentic solutions from snake oils. However, a little research can make the things clearer, and you can easily choose the best solution for hair loss that fits your needs. It is the best to take care before hair loss begins, but it is often not the case. Fortunately, no matter what is your hair loss stage, it is never too late. Let us explore the scientifically proven hair loss solutions. For the sake of clarity, let us divide them into three categories: hair loss concealers, nonsurgical solutions, and surgical solutions.

Hair Loss Concealers:

Hair loss can be concealed by traditional methods like wigs and hairpieces. These are time-tested methods to regain your hair instantly. They have certain benefits that no other method offers. You can have any hairstyle of your choice and you can have hair density you desire. There is no limit—literally.

Nowadays, there is another breed of products to conceal hair loss. These products contain keratin fibers that stick to your existing hair and create an effect of fullness. They stick firmly with the help of static electricity and do not fall off; you need to shampoo your hair to wash them. They work wonders by giving volume to your hair and concealing your shiny scalp. Most of these products are water resistant and can stand light rain; some may even stand swimming. This is a great way to have a head full of hair in minutes.

Whether it is a wig, hairpiece, or concealing product, they are all temporary methods. You have to put them on a daily basis.

Nonsurgical Medical Solutions for Hair Loss:

Besides concealing, you can use medical treatment to stop hair loss. There are some FDA approved prescription pills available to control hair-killing hormones. These pills contain finasteride, and inhibit hair-killing hormone known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

A spray containing minoxidil in 2-5% concentration is FDA approved to stimulate hair growth. You need to massage this solution on your scalp two times a day. It will work best when combined with the DHT inhibiting medication.

These nonsurgical solutions are not perfect yet. First, their results are not dramatic. They work best when you are at initial stage of hair loss. If you have already lost many hairs, they may not do anything amazing for you. Second, they are temporary solutions; you lose all your hair grown or maintained by the use of medication as soon as you stop their use. Lastly, they are not without side effects. That’s why it is recommended to consult your doctor before starting them.

Surgery – Best Solution for Hair Loss:

Nowadays, hair transplant surgery is considered the best solution for hair loss. Hair restoration surgery, commonly known as hair transplant, gives permanent and natural looking results with minimum chances of side effects.

A hair restoration surgery makes uses of balding resistant hair on the sides and back of our head. You may have noticed that our hair on the front and top of our head are more prone to hair fall. However, we have balding resistant hair on the back and sides of our head. A hair transplant extracts these balding resistant hairs from these balding resistant areas and plants them on the affected areas, and you get natural looking, naturally growing, and permanent hair.

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