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Body Hair Transplant

What is meant by body hair transplant? Before discussing body hair transplant, let us briefly discuss about hair transplant in general. For a hair transplant to be successful, it needs the required number of healthy donor hair. These donor hairs are extracted from their original place and planted into the required place, in the same way you plant a tree. These transplanted hairs attach their roots to the blood supply of the recipient site and start growing.

Usually, healthy hairs are extracted from the back and sides of the head and planted into the hairline and crown of the head. You can notice that body hair is not involved in this procedure. However, there are situations where you may not have enough donor hair on your head, or you simply do not want to remove head hair. This is the situation where body hair transplant comes in. In a body hair transplant procedure, hairs are extracted from the body areas like chest, arms, or legs, and planted into the required area on the head.

Following is a list of points that must be considered when using body hair transplant.

  1. Large Number of Donor Hair:

    This is the most important benefit of body hair transplant. At average, we have 100,000 hair on our head. If we have lost a considerable number of hair, we may be left with 50,000 or less hair. In contrast, a hairy person may have around one million hairs on body. Furthermore, body hair are highly resistant to balding. We rarely lose body hair due to genetic of environmental reasons. Modern FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant can extract these hairs from the body and plant them into the required area on our head. However, there are certain considerations with the use of body hair on head. Please have a look at the following points to have a better understanding of these considerations.

  2. Difficult to extract donor hair:

    Extracting donor hair from body is considerably difficult as compared to scalp. It is a time consuming procedure for the surgeon.

  3. Hair quality:

    Body hairs are different from head hair in their color, texture, and thickness. They may not look as aesthetically pleasing as scalp hair. However, they are resistant to baldness and do not fall quickly.

  4. Length of hair:

    Length of body hair is shorter than head hair. When planted to the head, they will grow longer than their original place, but still, they may not be able to match the length of head hair.

  5. Scars at donor area:

    Body hairs are extracted by FUE (follicular unit extraction) method. Although this method produces tiny pinhole scars, they may be visible if the donor body part is exposed.

Despite these issues, body hair is a great resource for people with limited donor hair on their heads. Body hair transplant can produce excellent results if body hairs are used in combination with scalp hair. To know more about the possibilities a body hair transplant presents, ask your questions to our experienced surgeons. Fill free online consultation form and have your questions answered.