Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment

Our Clinic offers trusted hair loss treatment for men in Islamabad. Many people experiencing hair loss from Islamabad and other parts of Pakistan have already benefited from those treatments and enjoying full head of hair. You can also get hair loss treatment with assured results from highly qualified hair loss specialists. Hair is the most important element and the first most noticeable part of a person’s beauty. Everyone wants his/her hair to look nice. There are a number of factors that can affect one’s personality in an ill manner. Some of these factors are natural such as aging effects on the body while others can be caused directly by lifestyle choices such as diet habits and sedentary lifestyles.

Hair loss is one factor that is natural and is every very difficult to counter. Once the process starts, the strands are generally lost at a high pace. This can completely ruin the charm and charisma in one’s personality and result in low confidence and less than perfect appearance.

For men, there is a very high probability that they will eventually face hair loss at some age, even if in the later years of life. Hair loss can be best corrected with hair transplant surgery that permanently restores grafted hair and Islamabad Vuepk Clinic offers world class treatments to treat male pattern hair loss in UAE.

However, it is important to understand hair loss before seeking treatment. With proper knowledge, hair loss can be countered before it takes place and thus the need for treatment can be minimized.

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss in most cases is caused by a hereditary condition known as androgenic alopecia. It affects the health of the hair due to the presence of a male hormone known as the Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. DHT destroys the health of the follicles and causes them to stop reproducing hair in the longer run. The hormone is present in women as well, but in smaller quantities.

How to counter hair loss early

The process can certainly be slowed down if carefully tackled. The best way is to keep your scalp cleaned and ensure that the sebum levels remain normal. Certain medications, both oral and topical can be used to stop hair loss and in some cases, to regrow lost locks as well. Good diet and adequate sleep are also imperative. Taking less stress also helps. Last but certainly not least, not smoking can also help in cutting down on the hair loss process.

Male Pattern Baldness

The typical hair loss in men mentioned earlier is known as male pattern baldness. There is no fixed pattern as to how the hair loss will take place and people start losing hair in all kinds of fashions. Some people start losing hair in the hairline and move back while others can experience hair loss in the crown area to start off with.

There are can be many patterns through which hair loss can take place and it varies in individuals. In order to better understand the hair loss and if and when you can get a hair transplant, let’s discuss the standard used by the transplant surgeons, the Norwood Scale a little.

Norwood Scale

Norwood scale is a standard used for the purpose of judging the level of hair loss a person has suffered. It starts from one and goes all the way to seven. Generally the need of hair transplant starts at a score of three or higher. Only a transplant surgeon can determine your scale and suggest if you need a hair transplant or not. Usually doctors prefer patients to be of certain age before the transplant to ensure that the donor area has been matured.

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