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Teeth whitening treatment in Pakistan

If you want to enlighten the natural shade of your teeth or want a white shade, teeth whitening is the answer. It is indeed a very effective way of modifying the natural shade of teeth. No surface removal is involved in it but yes, the results vary from patient to patient because of many factors. The one thing that is promised in teeth whitening treatment in Pakistan is the enlightened shade of your teeth. Let us dig into the details associated with teeth whitening procedures that anyone going to the dentist should know.

Why would anyone need it?

Now, with teeth whitening there are several reasons to pursue. Sometimes, the person just wants to change the way his/her teeth look because he/she doesn’t like the shade, sometimes they actually want their teeth to be white.  However, stains caused by food, drinks, sweets, tea, smoking, coffee, and many things can be the cause of people wanting to make their teeth white. These stains make your teeth look yellow and bad.

Also with the passage of time, teeth becoming naturally yellow and the only way to fix that is teeth whitening. Tarts and calculus deposit on the teeth over the years as the person ages and often doctors recommend polishing and scaling to remove them first and then teeth whitening.

How much time is required?

This step depends upon the treatment the patient chooses. It all depends on how much the patient wants his teeth to be whitened. Sometimes, it just requires two routine sessions, each of 15-20 minutes, in teeth whitening treatment in Pakistan and sometimes it might extend to more sessions. It also depends on the capacity of the dentist to whiten the teeth without putting any harm to them.

Scaling and Polishing before teeth whitening

Before actually jumping to the procedure of teeth whitening, the dentist prefers to do dental cleaning first. They do that first because it removes any sort of plaque and calculus from the teeth. They might use plaque disclosing tablet which tells them where plaque accumulation is more.

Why laser teeth whitening procedure?

Most of the dentist prefer laser technique over the non-laser one. Reason being the impressive results obtained from the laser treatment. The laser works as the activating agent for the whitening kit thus changing the wavelength. All in all, it comes with so much better results than the non-laser one.

Other teeth whitening techniques:

Some of the advanced techniques used for teeth whitening are:


  • Teeth Polishing: If you have minor yellowish shade on your teeth, teeth polishing is the best option. It gives your teeth the natural shade they have instead of making them white. It is for those people who don’t want a big white smile but are happy with their natural shade.
  • Teeth Bleaching: In this procedure, the gum is covered with some specific mask and a whitening gel is applied on the tooth. The process is enhanced with some special bleaching laser and light. It usually takes around 80-90 minutes.
  • Micro-Abrasion: In this technique, the dentist rubs concentrated blemish against your teeth to remove the stains, dirt or any plaque from your teeth. This treatment involves taking appointments from the dentist in around 15 days.


The INGREDIENT in Teeth Whitening

There is one main chemical ingredient which is involved in teeth whitening treatment in Pakistan which is Hydrogen Peroxide. It is by nature a very corrosive material and it can cause irritation to the gums. That’s why special care is taken in order to use this chemical. These precautions include:

  • Cheek Retractor
  • Protective Gum Barrier
  • Eye protection

When these three precautions are kept in practice, the patient goes through the whole process painlessly. Normally it takes three sessions but the sessions can be increased according to the requirements.

How long does the whitening effect last?

Normally the whitening effect lasts for three years. But this mainly depends on the patient, it the patient take proper care of his/her teeth, it might last up to 4 years. However, smoking and alcohol consumption can reduce the time span.

Side effects of Teeth Whitening

Well, for some people the teeth become highly sensitive to cold and hot for the first few hours after the treatment. However, the dentist often gives proper fluoride treatment after the procedure to reduce such effects.

Home Whitening kits

Home whitening kits are available in much less cost but dentist don’t recommend it because of the corrosive nature of hydrogen peroxide. If it comes in contact with the gums even slightly, it might cause a burn.

Limitations to teeth whitening

Patients are good to have this treatment if they have a problem of yellow or stained teeth. However, there are some limitations to it. Your natural shade of teeth might never come back if you have:


  • Fluorosis (the condition in which there is a high amount of fluoride in teeth)
  • Discolored teeth (due to infected tooth/decay)
  • Crowns’ shade cannot be changed
  • If the patient has composite fillings.

A dental surgeon always makes sure to tell you each and every detail before pursuing the treatment.

How to take care of teeth after teeth whitening treatment?

The most perfect way to keep the shade light is to avoid any sort of food or drink that may cause plaque and stain. Not smoking not only saves you from many health conditions but also keeps your teeth healthy, white and clean.

  • Brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste every night before going to bed.
  • Reduce the usage of sugary drinks and food
  • Pay a visit to your dentist regularly

The dentist often recommends the following things to do keep the teeth white after treatment:

Not many people know this, but brushing your teeth right after eating or drinking anything is not a very good idea. It can be quite dangerous. Consumption of food and drinks reduces the pH level of the mouth thus making it easy to remove the enamel. You can brush your teeth after 30 minutes of having any food.